Ben Marriott Illustrator

I make art to sneak ridiculous ideas into people’s heads. Hopefully whilst distracting them with a pretty picture. I like to mix absurdist humour and a healthy bit of snark with elements or science, technology, mythology and the experience of how I imagine ice-cream tasted in the 80s. About 90% of my childhood was spent attached to a pencil, but I really got exposed to art properly at university. I studied graphic design and we were kind of restricted to what images we could use in layout & typesetting assignments. I started making my own images (essentially to avoid copyright issues) and found that I enjoyed that even more. I’m influenced by Terry Gilliam, Mike Mignola & Thom Yorke’s hairdresser.

This video’s an example of my process that explains what my ideas are and how I get them out into the world.

Side Projects:
Today In Red Trousers A daily project where I draw something different wearing a pair of red trousers.
Exquisite Squid The ongoing collaborative illustrations of Sam Shennan and I.

live in Sydney, the city of sunshine and sandwiches. I studied at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts.

I tweet as @ben_marriott
I’m on instagram as @ben_marriott_
I blog on Tumblr at

Photo by Azure Mysterious