The Bruce Willis lifestyle illustration

This is my piece for Yippee-Kai-Yay a Bruce Willis themed group show.
To me, these are the elements that make up Bruce Willis’ everyday life:

  • Dead all along. (Probably from explosions.)
  • Even his skull is bald. (his hair was probably worn away from constant exposure to massive explosions.)
  • Female fans throwing themselves at his rugged/explosive charm.
  • White shirt and black jacket dusty from explosions.
  • Wearing a monocle because his vision is impaired from explosions.
  • Smoking a cigar. Essentially a controlled explosion held in the mouth.
  • Surrounded by destruction at all times. (Could be existing ruins, but most likely freshly destroyed by the mere presence of Mr. Willis in the vicinity. )
  • Raining cash (explosions are incredibly profitable.)

*Ashton Kutcher not pictured