Student Testimonials

Phillip Zhang


The course was outstanding and I learned way more in the course than I thought I would. I feel a lot more confident in my grasp in After Effects and know I always have resources I can go back to practice or refresh my knowledge. Aside from the technical know-how I feel like I've made new friends within motion that I can go to for advice, feedback, and inspiration.

The course has directly helped with my career, it's given me more confidence in my own skillset and from it, I was able to get my first designer position at an ad agency.

Ten out of ten. Enroll. It's a great investment in your education and if you put in the time you'll be able to get so much out of it.

Andrew Marston


Master Motion Design pushed the limits of my motion design abilities in the best ways possible. The course was packed with high-level techniques and useful tips. I walked away with several reel pieces and more importantly the confidence knowing I had taken one of the best advanced courses available.

Taking MMD allowed me to raise my rate and take on more challenging projects immediately afterwards. At double the price it would still be a no brainer.

If you have the time and money to take MMD but are on the fence, just do it.

The techniques and ideas taught in MMD and presented in a way that's easy to follow for any skill level except absolute After Effects novices.

Amatita Studio


The course is packed with powerful techniques and great tips on how to handle pretty much any situation out there in the real world. This helped me to feel more confident in what I do and don't be afraid to experiment. Also, both the community and Ben's support have been priceless.

I feel more confident about how to approach a project from beginning to end. This is not just a course on how to learn the 12 principles of animations, it teaches you also a top-notch workflow on how to become a better Motion Designer.

Don't even think about it. If you feel like something is missing, You'll find it here.

Jonas Duyvejonck


This course really helped me to take the next jump forward. While maybe I felt a little stuck in my improvement before the course, Ben and his Master Motion Design lessons really gave me the boost I needed to continue the journey!

From the moment finished the first lesson, I started to implement the skills I’ve learned in my freelance work, with success! Recurring clients and friends noticed a real improvement in my work and told me so.

I would highly recommend the course, it will repay itself double, triple, quadruple,… once you start applying the skills in customer assignments.

This course rocks! 😁🤘😎

Ingeborg Munk Toft


I've uncovered blind spots in my workflow and I've been given ideas to push my work even further. I've gotten a cleaner and more precise workflow and I feel inspired to prioritize my personal projects. Regardless of your professional level, this course can be the stepping stone that you need.



I already knew a bit of motion design because I learned it myself but it was really incomplete, this course really helped me connect a lot of the skills that I've learned and put them together to make something great.

I feel like I now have a little bit of "proof" of my skills other than my motion reel/portfolio. And of course, I learned a lot actually about how to set up and animation files and folders.

You'll learn great things, and you'll join this amazing community!

Trevor Wood


After taking this course, I've found that I have more confidence when starting a motion design project and a greater understanding of the methods motion designers use to create stunning work. I also picked up a ton of tips and tricks along the way that I can use to take my work to the next level. 

The most unexpected benefit of the course was being part of the community of classmates all doing the same coursework. It was amazing to see how others tackled each assignment in different ways. I was encouraged seeing people at all skill levels in the same course and it helped me feel good about my progress. I was also a ton of fun to both give and receive feedback from people in the community.

I feel like the skills I learned in this course have given me the foundational knowledge I need to tackle any project that comes my way. Every project presents new challenges and this course gave me so many more ways to overcome those challenges than I had before.  

To someone thinking about enrolling in this course, I would say, "Absolutely take it!" This course filled in all the gaps in my understanding of motion design fundamentals like the principles of animation and workflow. It also provided a fantastic overview of the skills needed to make it in this industry. I would also really encourage posting your homework on social media and using the hashtags so that others can find it. The community aspect of this course was extremely inspirational.

I know it was a ton of work, but the interactivity and feedback provided by the motion gurus in the first session of the course was invaluable. It was an amazing experience to get personalized feedback from highly respected pros in this way. To think that they looked at my work and approved of it is a huge confidence boost and really meant a lot to me as a self-taught designer in this industry. 

Kyle Woodard


After taking Master Motion Design with Ben, I feel so much more confident in my abilities as an animator and freelancer. His teaching style is an awesome mix of fun and creativity with a problem-solving approach and tons of tips on how to tackle design for motion. Seeing how a pro does their work is so valuable, and I picked up many tips and tricks along the way on top of doing the assignments.

The results of putting in the work and gaining Ben's masterful insight about not only motion design itself but the creative process as a whole has had a profound and immediate effect in my own work! I can confidently say my value as a freelancer has increased as a result of taking this course.

Having taken other courses in the motion design world, Ben's really stood out and I personally resonated with his teaching style. I was a fan of his tutorials on Youtube, but having the accountability of the community really set this apart. I also considered myself a beginner animator before taking this course, and I feel so much more confident afterwards. If you are on the fence and feel like you want to take the plunge, I can attest first-hand that the skills and practices Ben outlines are tremendously beneficial. I'll be signing up for his next course!

So much value! Best course ever! 5 out of 5 dinosaurs would recommend!

Matthew Talbot


After taking the course I gained an understanding of timing and spacing and how easy morphing can be if I don’t overcomplicate it.

The skills I got out of the course I’m already using in my work. It’s already helped me land a new freelance gig and an internship!

Just take the course already. The knowledge you’ll get from this course is worth every penny. If you want to take your career seriously you don’t want to pass on this.


Bia Barasits

I definitely have more confidence in my work and what I can achieve. This course offers a new perspective and opens a lot of creative doors I didn't think of. Last but not least a great supportive community, which I didn't expect at all.

It was a great help to me. I can pitch for bigger jobs &more creative ones that I'm looking for.

If you're thinking about enrolling... Just do it as soon as you can. Investing in yourself always pays off and with this course, you will feel it for sure.

I'm really grateful for this whole experience, I gained a lot from it.

Nahid Hasan


I think the best result I have found from the course is I exactly know how to make something that will hypnotize people when looking at it and force them to look at it all day.

The best skill that helped me from the course is applying the animation principles in my work. And on top of that, I have learned the secret recipes that bring my work altogether and make people say "WAOW".

If you are a person who knows how to use after effects, I would say please don't think -- just enrol! Every complex and amazing work that you see online made by great people will make sense and you will learn exactly how to execute them.

Adam Kirk


It's 0 to 100 in 8 weeks! I went from dabbling occasionally with AE to full-blown motion graphics and strong foundational skills in animation.

It has opened up a completely new avenue for me. I can now confidently offer motion design and animation to potential clients.

If you're thinking about enrolling - Head first. Don't think. Can't lose! This course is amazing!

Ben is such an incredible teacher. He makes an already fun subject even more exciting. Can not recommend this course enough.

Kristian Egge


I have not only learnt new techniques, but through the varied tasks in the course I have become more confident in my own abilities. I now trust that I can make something work, even if it seems daunting at first.

I have taken on a job as an animator/motion designer after finishing the course.

If you are looking to get into motion design, or wanting to push your skills further - look no further, this course is it.

Amazing course, it really changed the way I approach new projects and I have a ton of new tools in my arsenal!

Parker Simmons


The class really helped me with organizing layers and formatting my files in an efficient way. It also helped me look at motion graphics in a light. I found the shape morph lesson to be especially eye opening.

I found the course to be extremely helpful. I learned a plethora of new skills and how to better optimize my workflow for the skills I already knew. My advice to someone thinking about enrolling... Do it, be your best self already!


Jake Martin

This course gave me an overall confidence to execute projects in Ae with proper techniques and animation principles.

Ben show's us the most simple and effective ways to approach a certain task in After effects, which ultimately saves time for a faster delivery.

Ben's course stood out to me among others. It answered every question I've been pondering for years about after effects and motion design in general. Each lesson was so well structured into digestible, bite sized chunks. I couldn't recommend this course enough for keen motion designers!



My workflow is more organised than ever and I have a deeper understanding of how I should jump into and plan out any animation and see the bigger picture. I won't be afraid to jump into any project. Things that were mysteries before are now puzzles I have to figure out :)

It helped me to make the next step to become a full time Motion Designer. The classes are designed so you can reach your own goals. You won't regret it! Ben is not just a great animator but an amazing teacher as well!

Karen Skillins


The results from this course have been EVERYTHING!! I am a beginner!! I had taken 10 steps backwards to learn more of Photoshop and Illustrator, and at this time am about to finish lesson 3, many months later. I have listened to the lessons numerous times to get the concepts. I like knowing that I am a bit out of my league but not hard enough that I cannot understand the lessons.

I hope to animate my doodles with proverbs and saying for my YouTube station. That is my goal! The course will be my bible when I get stuck!

I thought it was so worth the money. I do listen to a lot of tutorials. Taking a course forces me to do more than learn, it makes me implement ideas and that is when I find out I am more lost than I thought.

Ben is very creative in thinking and speaking and teaching. I envy his talents! It's a recipe for entertaining learning.

Christopher Jeske


The keys to the gates of motion design are contained in this course and provided by the prophet Ben Marriott. Not to be dramatic, but seriously, my animation confidence and abilities have increased ten-fold and I'm only on the first lesson.

This course provides the fuel for a powerful launch into motion graphics. Leaving the program with eight weeks worth of portfolio magic to self-promote is priceless!

Ben is easily the best animator and teacher in the biz. Your questions will be answered, your confidence will be increased and your workflow will be transformed. It's magic, and Ben gives YOU the wand.

This course has provided me a new direction in my personal digital art and motion design work. I know that upon completion, I will have opportunities that were previously hidden from me.



Lots of good, handy tricks on how to handle the program and how to think about building animation in general. I love every tip about the animation process, and found it most useful :) I feel more confident about my skills now. And also, from the live streams, I learned a lot about the animation industry and more practical things, like how to deal with pricing my work or talking to clients.

Don't hesitate! No matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced motion designer, you can find something interesting in the course. And since this is Ben’s doing, everything is happening in a super friendly atmosphere.

Walter Gerald


Ben helped me hone the skills I already had and taught me a lot of new ones along the way. I now have a deeper understanding of the why and how behind a lot of after effects goings-on. It's a very deep program and can seem overwhelming without a little help, and that's why Ben is the GOAT.  There is no other educator out there that lays out things in a form that's so easy to understand and digest. I'll be coming back to these lessons for years to come.

Noel Forte


Ben's practical approach to teaching and use of concrete projects as the core of each lesson helps break down ideas and concepts in motion design that I either didn't know how to apply before or were too complex for me to take the time to learn. Having gone through the course, I now feel like I have a better idea of what to focus on when creating motion graphics and am actively reminded of the principles and practices the course touches on with each new project I make.

I feel like the skills I've gained from taking this course will help me land a job as a motion designer and fully immerse myself in the motion design community. Ben has done a delightful job of bringing a community of great designers and artists together as a byproduct of this course and I feel that along with all of the other skills that I gained by taking Master Motion Design, that in itself is something that is invaluable.

If you're interested in motion design and know your way around After Effects but are ready to make the next leap, this is the course for you. Enrolling in it isn't just an opportunity to learn, but it's also an opportunity to set aside time to learn. Rather than watching just another screencast and trying to follow along, this course primes any intermediate level designer for bringing their fluency with After Effects to the next level with project files, feedback from community members, and lifetime access to all the project files and tutorials. You'd be hard pressed to find this calibre of instruction anywhere else, especially in the motion industry.

Christina Dallmann


Ben's course was amazing! The topics were very well chosen and the tutorials were easy to follow. It was a lot of fun and I looked forward to each new weekly task! The community was great and the feedback from Ben was always super helpful. I was able to expand my knowledge of After Effects a lot through the course, although I had worked with the program for a number of years before that.

Ben had a lot of great tips on how to work on projects. From design to structure and organization of files I have learned many things that will help me in my future career. He also gave input about topics like working as a freelancer, dealing with time pressure, communicating with clients, etc.

Just do it! You will not regret it, it's absolutely worth it. Highly recommended!

Allison Tomash


After this course I have much more knowledge when it comes to creating fluid and professional animations. It has also given me a lot of tools to educate the students who work for me. I am much more equipped to help them, but also more equipped to put out a professional product for my company.

This course is a MUST. It's so detailed, so well explained, and the videos will always be there for you to reference. I'm so excited about watching the lessons of the course over and over to aim to retain more knowledge each time. I was blown away with how responsive the forum has been and have found a community to inspire me and also help me if necessary. All around, this course is so valuable to anyone in this field.

Ben is an incredible teacher. You can tell his heart is in this. He truly wants those taking this course to be better off than when they started. Everything was incredibly organized and thorough! I felt like I was valued as a student in this course, and I learned more than I thought possible. So thankful I was a part of this!

Rachel Dreimiller

Learning a workflow process and becoming more familiar with After Effects, which is exactly what I was hoping to get from this course, so I can begin to create my own animation work.

I learned some basic After Effects skills at the start of 2020 for my job at a small design firm, and the skills learned in Ben's course in the last few months have made me more confident with client work, and helped to create more dynamic animations.

Anyone with a basic understanding of After Effects can follow along with this course, and learn a number of new skills that can level up their own animation. If you're feeling stuck creatively or feeling a bit burnt out, or just looking to learn new animation tricks and techniques, this is a wonderful course to take to try new things and restart your imagination.

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