I'm Ben.
Animation is still magic to me.
The fact that I can think of something, draw it and then bring it to life on the screen never gets old. Unless the client needs 16 new renders before lunch.
I've been designing professionally for 10 years and animating for 7.
In 2020, I decided to say goodbye to the freelance life so I could focus on my own projects, products & teaching on youtube.
I found Animation to be really intimidating when I first sat down in front of after-effects. And even when I was having fun, It took years before I was comfortable. It always felt like other animators I saw, were privy to some secret knowledge I didn't have. That wasn't true at all. I make all of my tutorials and courses to remove as much of the initial struggles, and show that anyone can make great animated work with the basic tools. 
I really love teaching animation process and workflow above all else, I believe with a strong foundational set of animation skills and design taste can solve almost any motion design problem. But it's also important to balance fundamental animation skills with fun techniques and effects that add the final polish & presentation to an animation. That keeps it fresh, and interesting. Keeping the excitement alive is the best way to have a long sustainable career with consistent improvement to your work.
In my past life as a freelancer, I've worked with Buck and on projects for Google, Adobe, Dropbox, Twitter, Emirates, Converse, Coca-Cola, Redbull and of course who could forget my absolute favourite project for Redacted due to NDA.
I can't do all this on my own though. To help sail this ship Zoe, my wife and our intern Kimchi (a chihuahua) keep me on schedule and out of trouble.

Speaking of Speaking...

I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to speak at some great in-person and virtual events. You can watch the recordings below.

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