How to Land Your Dream Job in the Creative Industry | Tips for Designers & Freelancers

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Making great creative work is one thing. Getting the right eyes to see it and pay you to do it for them is another challenge. So whether you're 
a freelancer a founder or a falconer if you use these three methods will vastly improve your chances.

Method #1 

Show the work that YOU want to make

If you want to make movie posters for your favorite movies, go make awesome movie posters! You don't have to wait for permission or for a client to offer to pay you to make the most awesome thing you can. 

There's a good chance that the work you're passionate about creating is going to be better portfolio pieces because you don't have a 
client's restrictions to worry about.

So when you make personal projects in your downtime, just make the work that you're really excited about because that is the work that'll be the most interesting and that will attract the most clients because there's just a shortage of that out there.

Method #2

Be BRIEF When Emailing a Potential Client (or employee or any human)

Make the message brief & friendly but get to the point quickly. Why?

Because the people looking to hire you, the producers the creative directors they have dozens perhaps hundreds of emails to get through before they can get back to the rest of their work which they would much rather be doing. So they will be way more appreciative if they don't have to clear a whole afternoon to read your email.

Method #3

Try to End Your Email With "No Reply Necessary" (or something similar)

Ok, I admit this method is counter-intuitive. You do in theory want them to reply but you must do the opposite.  That is because nothing is worse than giving them the impression that you think they owe you something especially not their most valuable resource, their time.

I'll break down all these methods and show you how to put them into practice in this video below. 

Please feel free to contact me if you've got any questions, best of luck with your job search. I hope you find these methods very helpful! 

Enjoy the video! :)

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