This New After Effects Feature Will Save You So Much Rendering Time

after effects motion design process motion design workflow project render Mar 15, 2022

Ok, so let me be brutally honest, rendering in After Effects had never been a quick & easy task. Sometimes the excruciating rendering time makes you doubt yourself, you begin to wonder if the effect that you've applied is really worth 5 hours of rendering.

Well, I'm sure this time After Effects have heard about our chit-chats because this latest feature could be the game-changer.

Composition Profiler is one of After Effects' newest features. It lets you see how much time each layer & effect is contributing to the render of each frame. I mean, doesn't it sound helpful?!

In this video, I'm going to demonstrate how you can make the most of this new feature to speed up your workflow & render time. Enjoy. :)


To learn about other exciting new features of After Effects & watch my entire process of creating this animation, please head to: After Effects Essential Workflows

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