Top FREE After Effects Plugins For 2022

after effects motion design motion graphics plugins workflow Jan 19, 2022
Top FREE After Effects Plugins For 2022

Here are the 20 best free plugins for Adobe After Effects. These plugins will save you time, improve your workflow, fix missing features in After Effects & unlock new possibilities for your animation and motion graphics.

Some of these plugins are the big fancy look-at-me type effect that will open up a world of possibilities in your work. Most are tools that do one really specific task really well.

I guarantee that you'll find at least something in this article that will improve your workflow in After Effects or your money back.

All of these are free some have a name-your-price option so you can pay what you want but if you find them useful and you have the means then I really encourage you to send some dosh to support these independent developers. 

Honestly, a lot of these tools are better than some of the most popular paid plugins. I'll explain why and how to use them in the video down below. :)

Here are the best 20 free plugins for 2022 (no particular order)

Nab: Reposition Anchor Point

Nab: Create 3D Shapes

Nab: Decompose Text

AE Juice: AE Juice Gif

Jeffrey Almasol: rd: Composition Setter

Gregor Urable: Advanced Selection

MW motion´╝ÜBendy Nulls

Shape Repeater Baker

Slemmer Creative´╝ÜRigged Box

Slemmer Creative´╝ÜType Array

Plugin Everything´╝ÜDisplacer Pro

Michael Delaney´╝ÜSortie

Michael Delaney´╝ÜRift

Brennan Chapman´╝ÜTrue comp duplicator



Video CoPilot´╝ÜSaber

Video CoPilot´╝ÜOrb

RainboxLab´╝ÜDuik Bassel 2

Steve Kirby & Mike Overbeck´╝ÜLimber (Affiliate link)

VideoCoPilot: FX Console

Mike Overbeck: Ease Copy



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